Why splash?

Providing Solutions & Satisfaction to your needs

The Best Net Outcome

Quite simply when you list with splash you have an agency that is committed to obtaining the very best net outcome for you and to provide you with a service that ensures when it comes time for you to buy or sell again that splash real estate will be your first call.

What do we mean by the best net outcome? It means selling your home for the best possible price and charging you a fee that puts more money back in your pocket – $6950.

What’s in it for us? Your repeat business and referrals are more important than the fee we sell your home for. As owner Wade Beaumont says “My goal is that I will always be your agent and that you will be confident to refer me to family and friends. As the business owner and with a view to the future it would be crazy for me to not give you my absolute best. By making you more money today in the long run so will I!